This is the personal web site of Vitaly Minko.
I publish here my personal projects (please see the links below), my photos and other information I consider interesting.

Blog /

This category contains my articles and short notes on various topics, which may be interesting only for Russian-speaking readers.

Dscuss /

Project of developing a decentralized network for public discussion.

Gentoo manuals /

Here are my installation/configuration manuals of the Gentoo distribution of GNU/Linux operating system for various mobile computers: ThinkPad X200, Zaurus C1000 and Pandora.

TechnoBlog /

I publish here my notes on IT-related topics, mainly concerning free software. Most of them describe how to solve various problems, which I have encountered personally.

F5er user's manual

F5er is a daemon, which allows user to receive notifications about changes in web pages, which do not offer a built-in RSS support. On a user's request, it downloads a predefined web page, extracts target information from the web page content and generates an RSS feed on the basis of the content.


P2P network for finding spare URLs.

RDM user's manual

RDM is an alternative deathmatch gametype for Warsow. The only distinction from the default deathmatch is that the score is measured not by frags, but by a numeric equivalent of the beauty of the shots.

One Thumb Keyboard

This article describes how to make a DIY tiny USB keyboard for tablets.


My patchwork

This is a collection of my free software patches. Each patch is accompanied by a short description and related links to external resources, if any.

icon user's manual is a minimalistic web content management system with command line administration interface. This document talks about what is, the problem being solved by and describes how to use it without going into implementation details.