Package errors

import "vminko.org/dscuss/errors"

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var (
    Internal            = errors.New("internal error")
    Filesystem          = errors.New("filesystem error")
    Parsing             = errors.New("error parsing input data")
    Config              = errors.New("error handling config file")
    Database            = errors.New("database error")
    CantOpenDB          = errors.New("unable to open the database")
    DBOperFailed        = errors.New("error operating on the database")
    InconsistentDB      = errors.New("the database contains inconsistent data")
    NoSuchEntity        = errors.New("can't find requested entity")
    WrongNickname       = errors.New("unacceptable nickname")
    AlreadyLoggedIn     = errors.New("another user is already logged in")
    NotLoggedIn         = errors.New("you have to login first")
    AlreadyRegistered   = errors.New("such user is already registered")
    NoSuchUser          = errors.New("can't find the specified user")
    NoSuchModerator     = errors.New("can't find the specified moderator")
    AlreadyModerator    = errors.New("the specified user is already a moderator")
    DuplicationAttempt  = errors.New("attempt to duplicate data in the database")
    NoUserHistory       = errors.New("can't find history record for the specified user")
    WrongPacketType     = errors.New("wrong packet type")
    MalformedPayload    = errors.New("payload of the packet is malformed")
    ProtocolViolation   = errors.New("protocol violation detected")
    UnsupportedProtocol = errors.New("requested version of the protocol is not supported")
    ClosedConnection    = errors.New("use of closed connection")
    InvalidPeer         = errors.New("peer validation failed")
    WrongArguments      = errors.New("wrong arguments")
    AlreadySubscribed   = errors.New("you are already subscribed to the specified topic")
    NotSubscribed       = errors.New("you are not subscribed to the specified topic")
    ForbiddenOperation  = errors.New("forbidden operation")
    UserBanned          = errors.New("user is banned")
    NoSuchTag           = errors.New("can't find requested tag")
    PacketSizeExceeded  = errors.New("the packet size exceeded the limit")
    MsgDepthExceeded    = errors.New("the thread depth exceeded the limit")
    MsgPostRateErr      = errors.New("attempt to violate the limit of the message post rate")
    OperPostRateErr     = errors.New("attempt to violate the limit of the operation post rate")
    SubsSizeExceeded    = errors.New("too many topics in the subscriptions")