The testbed

Dscuss testbed is located in the testbed directory. It contains the autotests and the test data. The test data is stored in the data directory and contains prepared data (config files, entity and profile databases) for three test peers: Adam, Eve and Cain.

The autotests are written in Expect (a Tcl-based toolkit for automating interactive applications) using the Dscuss CLI. In order to add new test cases or modify existing ones, you have to be familiar with the toolkit. The manpage of Expect can be found here. More information on Expect is available here.

How to run the autotests

In order to run one particular test scenario, just run the corresponding expect script from the testbed directory. For example:

cd testbed

The test result will appear at the very end of the output:


To run all autotests and stop if one of them fails, do the following:

cd testbed
run-parts . --exit-on-error